Islam, the lives of Muslims

Open a prime location in Ginza a new worship facilities Islam, the lives of Muslim north Indian Pakistani LAHORI Ali Ja foul Kumamoto of everyone. I was born in Pakistan, came a year before in Japan. And the wife of the Japanese, a child is have people, you have to run a curry restaurant that [Rahori] under the southern part of Kumamoto. The author is the [Muslim] That is Muslim. Some of you are, and to hear news about Islam, [I Islam, I wonder what kind of religion that? ] Person you are I also might be many. The author this time, be to introduce the lives of common Muslims, I think that if it is possible to deepen the understanding of Islam even a little to everyone. The term [Islamic] is, in Arabic represents the [peace] [obedience], Muslims, observe the teachings of Allah (in Arabic [God]), you have to cherish that live correctly calm. Meals, clothing, such as the habit of choice, there are a lot of the different part of Japanese culture. First let's talk about the eating habits of the authors. In Pakistan and children from adults, we eat a day times curry.

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