Choice of lunch

Open a prime location in Ginza a new worship facilities Long day in Isesaki mosque Among the mosque exotic perfume was filling fired, a time of quiet worship began. Shortly before. [I do not put if the original women, specially is'll say today] because Mr. and missionaries Mohammad told me to put say, so as not to interfere with the people who are praying, a neat scarf from again wound to the head, in a corner of worship, begins to take a photo is shortened as much as the body say this even if, and. Though it was prayer that began in the Muslim about first is 0 people, over time, will increase more and more more and more people. Now, I wonder enter about 00 people? Everyone who comes in only men of foreigners. Japanese not even one person other than the author. Apparently, it seems that many South Asian and Southeast Asian origin people. Here Remember me somewhere together? Yes, here's Japan. It Isesaki, Gunma Prefecture, about to forget for a moment the fact that, from the scene that I was familiar usual, this place was felt as far away.

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