When to pray is Muslim? [Choice of day times]?

Open a prime location in Ginza a new worship facilities Is a story about the not known much about [whether the Muslims to always pray] today. First of all, it is One of the knowledge of the time of choice. Sunni about the split of ⑴ Muslim belongs, to the times of prayer on the day. ⑵ Basically, it may be the choice by the time of the next choice. ⑶ of choice and time will vary depending on location and day. We will continue to commentary by One. Choice of day times This is the time of Jakarta choice of today. [Also I wonder if not tired I wish times a day? ] I before becoming Muslim, I thought in this way. But a matter of fact, it's eclipse meal like a image of. further I will get up early It is ready life rhythm It is easy to grasp time of the sense of the day Nante There is also a benefit. It is painful to get up early in the morning (laughs) By the way, it takes place in between because fasting from this [NichiNoboru before prayer] of [sunset prayers]. It is between the so-called day is rising. It may be set to until the next prayer time That Islam is in the mainstream of the country day times [azan], voice to inform the time of prayer will flow from the mosque of the speakers at high volume.

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