Fasting, etc.

Open a prime location in Ginza a new worship facilities In Islam, there is a time of choice and every day times (SUBUH SYURUK ZOHOR (ZUHUR) ASAR ISYAK), in its time, and pray in the direction of Mecca and went to the mosque. To that end, there are a lot of mosques here and there. Even in Japanese schools, because there are several mosques in the vicinity, you will hear the prayers of ZOHOR in mid-time day of the beginning. Time of choice and is by calendar of Muslims, it has been determined on a daily basis for each location. KL things, you in the newspaper (government). Fasting month (Ramadan) is determined by the movement of the moon, it will be informed by television and newspapers. Currently, based on the scientific data that Metro radical department of government has observed, Lely di Jonah Le department of the government will be announced to decide. Such as the Penang State Mosque, giving away of the Ramadan month calendar (those of this year, located in the lower left). This year (00 years) is, begins fasting in month and day (water), it continues until the month and day (Thursday).

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